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Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton is responsible for our modern understanding of color?

In the mid-1600s, he conducted a series of experiments with white light and a prism that led to his discovery of the visible light spectrum. He observed the way each color would bend as it passed through the prism, and ROY G BIV was his result.

So in today’s world, it’s no surprise that color is one of the many subtle details that make up a company’s image, which can heavily influence the consumer’s perception of a brand.

Called the psychology of color theory, all businesses can learn how to use color to strengthen their identity. Here’s a few examples of which colors evoke what, and what brands strategically use them.


New York Times Logo - Sir Isaac Blog
Black and white evokes a classic, timeless feeling. It also represents calm and balanced emotions. Given the history and reputation of The New York Times, this color scheme is appropriate, considering the wide readership of The Times who have relied on it as a trustworthy news source since 1851. Other notable companies with a black-and-white color scheme include Wikipedia, Nike and Apple.


Coca-Cola Logo - Sir Isaac

Reds are a dynamic color group, usually used by companies that want to represent their energy and excitement for the work that they’re doing. Red is also linked with appetite, which is why many food and beverage companies like Coca-Cola use it in their logos. Other well-known “reds” include Target, KFC, and Netflix.


Home Depot Logo - Sir Isaac  Snapchat Logo - Sir Isaac
Oranges and yellows are happy colors, and they tend to give off a sense of optimism and approachability. Companies that use these colors in their branding want to display their customer-friendly services to consumers. Home Depot and Snapchat, Best Buy, Firefox, Nickelodeon and Sprint are just a few examples. Next time you see an ad for one of these brands, think about how else they give off a sense of positivity and approachability.



Whole Foods Logo - Sir Isaac

Green is the most commonly found color in nature, so it’s used by many companies that want to be associated with health, tranquility or the environment. Many companies use green to show they’re down-to-earth and calm. Whole Foods, Starbucks, John Deere and BP are great examples of this.


DreamWorks Logo - Sir Isaac

Blue is associated with trust, reliability, calmness, modern-ness and dependability. A recent study also showed blue to be people’s favorite color by a large margin–an important message to give off for mass-appeal brands, like Dreamworks Animation, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Logo - Sir Isaac

Purple stands for a sense of royalty, and is also linked with creativity and problem-solving abilities. That’s why we here at Sir Isaac decided on the color purple for our branding. We have the courage to think outside the box, and we work to break past inertia for your business with research, strategy and theory–just like our namesake intended.


Written by Alphonse Le.

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