Catch ‘Em All: How You Can Use Pokemon Go To Attract More Customers

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Catch ‘Em All: How You Can Use Pokemon Go To Attract More Customers

Chances are that by now, you’ve heard of Pokemon Go, the newly-released-gone-viral app that’s caused millions of players to venture outside to catch virtual Pokemon with their phones (and if you haven’t, watch the video below).

The game uses augmented reality to predesignate real-life businesses and landmarks as “Pokestops” and gyms that players must visit in order to replenish their supplies and fight for control. Its popularity has exploded since launched just a few days ago, driving millions to walk the streets in search of Pokemon and bringing people together in an effort to, well, catch ’em all. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to go outside without seeing someone on their phone trying to catch something.
 The Team Playing Pokemon Jugglypuff in the office Pokestop in Salem Ma

And with so many people out and about–especially in more densely populated areas–comes enormous advertising opportunities for companies and local businesses. Whether you’ve been playing Pokemon since the ’90s or you’re a Pokemaster-in-training, here are some ways you can use Pokemon Go to up your advertising game:

1. Buy lure modules to attract more Pokemon (and customers!) to your area. Some in-app purchases, like lure modules, attract Pokemon to a Pokestop for 30 minutes. At around 70¢/module, a little investment can go a long way in bringing Pokemon Go players to your vicinity.Lure Module

2. Sell refreshments and offer Wi-Fi or charging stations for customers. Pokemon Go is a huge battery, data and physical energy drainer. With the large number of people going on extended Pokemon hunts outdoors, players will need places to rest and recharge. Acting as a little oasis helps your business attract customers who might not normally visit.

3. Promote nearby Pokemon on social media or with outdoor signage, so followers and passersby alike will know where to look (and visit). This might help boost your social following, too!

4. Host gym brawls or other similar events. Players can fight each other for control of gyms. If you’re lucky enough to have a gym nearby, here’s your chance to turn this into a full-out tournament and have players come and duke it out (virtually, of course). Hosting one of these might take a bit more planning, but it’s a great way to gain exposure, generate buzz and receive a ton of customers.

5. This isn’t a thing yet, but we think this app has huge potential for actual, paid advertisers. This could be implemented as a paid Pokestop, custom in-store rare Pokemon (similar to Snapchat filters), or even a customer benefits/incentive system where players get rewarded with in-app prizes like lure modules or rare Pokemon by being a real-life customer.

So whether you’re an advertiser, a local business, a big business or a Pokemaster, Pokemon Go is a great opportunity for business, and just plain fun. Happy hunting!

Written by Alphonse Le. 

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