7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Business’s Facebook Page

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7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Business’s Facebook Page

Whether you’ve just created a Facebook page for your business, you’re thinking about it, or you’ve had a page up for years, here are seven easy ways to get your social going strong.

1. Get verified.

Verify your page using a phone number or documents to show you’re authentic. It’s super easy, and helps you show up higher in search results to attract more visitors. Plus, you get that cool little check mark badge.

2. Plan ahead.

Draft a calendar with at least 3 posts per week. This way, you’ll always have consistent, relevant posts, giving your followers a reason to follow you. You can pre-set these right on Facebook, or using a website like Hootsuite.

3. Invite friends.

People are more likely to follow you once you have a few followers as a base; it makes you seem more official. The easiest way to do it? Invite your friends!

4. Look for discussion topics.

What’s the latest news in your field? What’s important to your customers? Notice any industry hashtags? Find something relevant to say, and become a part of the conversation.

5. Respond to your customers.

People like feeling listened to. Reply to their posts or comments quickly, and you’ll notice they’ll become more responsive, too.

6. Keep it short.

Posts that are short and sweet are easier to read as you’re scanning through your feed. Pair that with an eye-catching photo to stand out even more against the crowd.

7. Make sure you’re easy to find.

Choose an easily identifiable username and a recognizable profile picture (like your logo or building), and make your descriptions clear and concise. Be sure to include links back to your website!


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