Is Print Dead? Not if you’re targeting local & small.

April 20, 2016by Sir Isaac AgencyAdvertisingMediaTaryn Myers0



We hear it all the time: “Print is dead.” “It’s a dinosaur.” “No one reads print anymore.”

But is that really true?

Many of these nay-sayers will be the first to complain if their press release doesn’t make it in the paper, for example. People talk an awful lot about print for it to be truly extinct.

So is print dead? I would say no. Rather, I’d say print is changing.

It’s certainly not your grandfather’s newspaper anymore. That’s because it’s no longer THE media of choice for all marketing. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still relevant.

Print evolved when the radio was introduced. It changed again when the TV came along. It is once again changing, now that digital, mobile, video, social, and the Internet of Things have arrived on center stage. And it will change again as new marketing options arise in the future

But it’s still around. And as with any other media, print has its place.

Especially local print.

Readers of local newspapers tend to be a much more loyal audience than many other media options. In spite of the circulation declines, readership of local newspapers has remained fairly stable or even grown. Tradition tells you that to find readership of a newspaper, you can take the circulation and multiply it by 2.4. Today, that multiplier is closer to 3.5 (I’ve even seen higher). Though larger metro newspaper readerships tend to struggle a bit more.



Written by Taryn Myers

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