The Evolution Of Our Agency Rebranding

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The Evolution Of Our Agency Rebranding

When I came to Sir Isaac, I was very much an adolescent in the advertising world, but my interest and industry knowledge grew quickly.

I got to work with some really talented and patient people who liked my work and wanted my opinion on things, and as a designer, being taken seriously and having a say is golden. Because creatives often are overlooked and used as production monkeys, but here at Sir Isaac, we are given every opportunity to communicate our thoughts.

So when given the chance to work on a brand that I not only had an opinion on, but also had a personal connection with, I jumped at it. I wanted to ensure that the now logo mark symbolized everything that I’d come to know that Sir Isaac was.Sir Isaac Rebranding Style Guide

In rebranding Sir Isaac, we needed to emphasize our bold stature and courageous approach, whilst continuing to communicate our creative process and strategy–and let’s not forget the courageous and very purple history of the existing brand.

We grouped together, and came up with a few ideas of what parts of Sir Isaac we wanted to highlight the most, and how we wanted to do it. We talked about colors, fonts, logos and voice, and everyone ultimately had a say.

As for design, we started with the logo. The concepting and development went through many rounds of edits and reworking, many resulting in total scrapping of the idea. The process took a few months, but the team never got tired because we knew we hadn’t hit the nail on the head, and we wanted to get it just right. After all, as most creatives will tell you, you know when you have a good idea that has the potential to turn great.

Then, finally, we knew we got it, and the decision was unanimous. We realized that this new logo doesn’t just capture the business; it captures the quirkiness of its employees.

And once we had the logo right, everything else came together easily after that–from our modernized website, to our walls, to our revamped way of thinking.

We love our new branding, and we hope you do, too. What do you think?

Sir Isaac Walls

Written by Dan Pye.

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