Knowing Which Media Is Right For You (Media Series, Blog 1)

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I am a media person. I have worked in media for nearly my entire career, and I work in media now. I started in newspapers, but don’t confuse me for a “newspaper person.” I am a media person.

During my long-tenured stint at various newspapers, I was responsible for discovering and developing an intimate knowledge of all competitive media outlets. I quickly learned that you can’t sell against something if you don’t know its strength and weaknesses, so I created a database containing pertinent information, like their geographical reach, typical demographic, and audience engagement.

While learning about competitors, I developed an interesting skill that I could put to use when selling “against” other media. I could suggest the advertiser utilize all media; not just the media options my company offered. Because no marketing campaign should ever live in a silo.

A proper marketing mix or media mix is imperative to a successful campaign, and the best approach to any media plan is variety.

Your business can and should harness a diverse media plan, since it is ill-advised to put all your marketing dollars in one place. Consider the consequences if the single media you chose doesn’t work; not only will your marketing dollars go to waste, but you also won’t achieve your goals.

But that being said, you still need to be careful not to spread yourself too thin. Having a little of your content over too many media could actually weaken the quality of any campaign.

So should every business run in every medium? Absolutely not. Different media have different strengths and different audiences. The proper media mix for your business will depend on your budget, your goals, and your ideal consumer. And that’s where an agency with an in-house media department can help.

Over the next few weeks, I will discuss the pros and cons of various media options, in attempt to explain and convey that no medium is perfect– every medium has positive and negative features, but certain media can definitely be more “perfect” for you.


Written by Taryn Myers

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