It’s Time To Start Thinking Of Your Business As A Person

August 19, 2015by Sir Isaac AgencyAdvertisingBrandingCreativityOlivia Donahue0


It’s Time To Start Thinking Of Your Business As A Person

If there’s one thing I could ask before evaluating a company’s branding, it wouldn’t be what services they offer, how big the company is, or even what industry they’re in. I’d ask everyone to describe their company like they would a friend.

Sure, what your friends do is part of their identity, but that doesn’t define their character. I could tell you I have friends who study physics or are in the film industry, but don’t you think describing them as “sincere,” “counterculture,” “joyful” or “spunky” gives a better picture of who they really are?

Your business isn’t all that different.

Every business has a personality. It’s what sets the brand apart from its competition. Is your business reserved, or outspoken? Dashing, or chummy? Bold, or classic?

Just be sure you don’t get your company’s personality mixed up with its brand identity. Personality is human and deeply rooted in character, whereas identity is the design that brings your personality to life. Just like how your friends dress themselves, your identity allows you to communicate your personality without having to say a word. Typeface, color, photography, layout, pattern and illustration are all ways to express your brand’s personality.

Now see for yourself. Take a look at the current designs that represent your company. Do they reflect the personality traits you chose? If they do, great! You have a strong brand identity. If they don’t quite match up, talk to us. Sir Isaac would love to help you get there.


Written by Olivia Donahue

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