Be, Do, Say

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Be, Do, Say

Go to any marketing conference, and the same names come up every time. Apple, Starbucks, Nike, Ritz Carlton, Zappos– the rockstar brands of our time.

Every marketer in the room sits there with brand envy, lamenting about how they could do that if only they had the same big budgets or a new agency with huge creative celebrity.

But is it really about the budgets or creativity? Those companies weren’t always like that, and there are many start-ups that changed industries and are well on their way to becoming the next icons– brands like Uber or Dollar Shave Club.

So what are these brands doing differently?

It may not be about the “what,” but actually the “how.” And three simple “how” words can change your brand for the better:

Be. Do. Say.

The real secret of the iconic crowd is that, whether they use these words or not, it’s what they do. Their brand and their culture is inextricably linked. They believe in their values (Be). They design every aspect of their product and service offering around these values and bring them to life (Do). And then everything they “say” in market –whether through traditional channels or social dialogue– is simply more real, more connected, and more believable.

So, the next time you’re looking at marketing a product or a service and you’re around the table brainstorming “reasons to believe,” ideas, or all the tactics you could do if only you had the budget, think about Be, Do, Say.

Because in those three little words you’ll find the power of your brand, your true competitive differentiation, and the force you need to create momentum. And we’d love to be a part of it, because creating momentum is what we do.


Written by Ross Dobson

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