What’s in a Name?

May 5, 2015by Sir Isaac AgencyAdvertisingBrandingInspiration0


Sir Isaac may seem like a really odd name for a marketing firm at first glance. After all, what would the guy that discovered gravity and invented calculus know about branding, acquisition marketing, employee engagement or loyalty?

Well, the honest answer is probably not a whole lot. But he did give us the laws of motion–particularly inertia. You know, objects in motion stay in motion and objects at rest stay that way until a force changes everything? Well, there’s the connection. We’re that force.

So many things– short CMO tenures, fear of failure, agencies not taking the time to really understand their clients’ business, and even the tools of the trade– have created inertia in this industry. We want to shake that up a bit.

It’s not rocket science. Which is a good thing, because even though we’re Sir Isaac, we’re much better at advertising and marketing than we are at calculus.

So yes, we’re proudly named after a dead physicist. Yes, we’re alive, and yes, we’d love to help you move your brand forward.

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